Body Stress Release
Unlocking tension - Restoring self-healing
BSR is a process. After each release, the body undergoes changes in the process of releasing the
stressed layers of muscle. This is because the tight, protective muscle layers tend to relax by
degrees back to their normal tone, allowing restored communication within the nervous system.

To assist the client through this process, all clients start on a
basic program of three
. Appointments for these release sessions are made on:
- Day 1 of your program
- Day 4 of your program (2-3 days after your 1st consultation)
- Day 11 of your program (+- 7 days after your 2nd consultation)

The first consultation of 45 minutes includes:
- Taking a case history
- An explanation of BSR
- The release session
- A full explanation of where stress was found in the body, including expected results.
Follow-up consultations are 40 minutes each. The client remains
fully clothed during the release

Cost of a consultation:
Adults ........................ $60.00 (incl HST)
Children under 15 ..... $45.00 (incl HST)

Payment in cash or cheque at the time of consultation. Consultations are by appointment only.
All appointments must be made in advance to ensure that the practitioner is able to
accommodate you.

Practice hours:
Monday - Friday 9am - 3.30pm
Saturday & Sunday closed